Welcome to Nanaimo Newcomers Club!

Nanaimo Newcomers Club

Drinks & Appies
This event is scheduled once a month, usually on a Saturday evening. One of our members hosts this event at their home. This is one of the events that members can often bring their partners with them ( the hostess will determine if the event is "ladies only" or  "partners welcome"). Members are invited to bring an appetizer of their choice to share, and to bring whatever they would like to drink. The hostess will supply tea and coffee. This is a really nice way to get to know each other in a more intimate setting.

Garden Group
This group is for those who are interested in gardens and/or gardening. This group does not necessarily meet on a regular basis, since activities vary depending on the season. Some of our past activities include garden tours, plant sales, practical gardening seminars at local nurseries and a wreath making workshop. There is a sign-up sheet for those who wish to receive advance notification about planned activities or events, but any member of the NCC can take part in our activities. Some of the activities ( but not all ) have a cost attached to them. The Coordinator is always open to suggestions, so please feel free to let her know if you have any ideas about possible activities.

Ladies' Lunch
This event is held every month and is usually on a Friday at noon. Members who sign up for lunch meet at a different restaurant each month to have a taste of Nanaimo. Members are responsible for their own bills. You sign up for this event at the monthly meetings and the coordinator will send you an e-mail a few days before the event to confirm your attendance.

Movie Time
 This is a monthly activity, usually held on a Tuesday. Sometimes the movie time is in the afternoon and sometimes it is in the evening around 7pm. The Coordinator would like input one week prior as to what movie members would prefer to see. She then sends out an e-mail to all those who have signed up for Movie Time to let them know the details ( movie, date, time, place ). Members are encouraged to order their movie tickets in advance to avoid disappointment-we go on Cheap Tuesdays and there have been times the showing has been sold out. Attendees are asked to meet 1/2 hours before the movie in the lobby. 
Pub Night
This activity occurs on the third Thursday of the month and gives members an opportunity to visit one of Nanaimo's many pubs.The locations and times may vary so be on the look out for this information on the sign-up sheet. The coordinator will send out a reminder to all those who sign up for that month's event. This provides a relaxed environment in which to get to know your new friends. This activity is sometimes "Ladies Only" and sometimes "Partners Welcome". 

Talking Walkers: 
A weekly walk every Thursday morning. The group goes on hikes around the area and as the name implies we do not necessarily see a lot of nature as there is quite a lot of talking going on, but we do see some beautiful locations. The hike ranges in distance and terrain, but is suitable for all fitness and health levels and no special equipment is required. After the walk the group usually goes for coffee, lunch etc. depending on the location. Sometimes we car pool and other times we meet at the location.A reminder e-mail is sent prior to the walk with full details, an estimate of the time needed for the walk and directions if necessary. You only need to sign up once to become a recipient of the emails. 

Waterfront Walkers
This activity includes a walk around the Nanaimo Harbourfront area every Tuesday morning. We meet @ the Maffeo Sutton parking lot-by 9:50 & depart 10am.-come sun, rain, sleet or snow! We're a hardy bunch indeed. We all usually end up having coffee or whatever around an hour later when we arrive close by the Bastion- have a good gabfest for another hour- timing depends on the day, of course. Then we are on our merry way again. It's a great fun group to join - easy enough walk ( all told approx. 7 km ), super company & comadarie whether it's just 4 of us or 14! There is no need to respond by email on this one- as we just go with whoever shows up that day.

Please Come with Me
While the NNC has many varied activities happening, members may always find that there is something else they would like to do, and have someone, or some others, to do it with them. Sign up on the "Please Come With Me" sign-up sheet. You only need to do this once and you will be incorporated onto the e-mail list. When a suggestion/idea is received by the Coordinator, an email will be forwarded to everyone on the list. Those interested in participating can then respond directly to the member.

Dining In 
This is a monthly activity, usually the second weekend of the month . One member agrees to open their home and set a theme for the dinner. The host prepares the main course and those who sign up to participate choose to bring an appie, a side dish, a salad or a dessert that fits in with the theme of the dinner.This activity can be "Ladies Only ", but more often will be "Partners Welcome "- this will be decided by the host. The host may limit the number of attendees according to the number they can comfortably accommodate.


Afternoon Book Club

The afternoon book club is full, waitlist is provided at the meeting. New clubs always welcome to initiate! This group currently meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 2:30 pm.


Kayaking is done in calm waters when the weather permits. Members sign up on the Kayaking sign-up sheet once and are contacted by the Coordinator when a kayaking outing is planned. It is a great way to explore the ocean, lakes and rivers in and around Nanaimo. You can rent a kayak or borrow one from other kayakers. What better way to explore than by kayak! This group is usually a fair weather activity, starting late April/May until end of June. 

Lucky Lady

Buy tickets at our regular monthly meetings for a chance to win. Half of the winnings go to you and the other half go to the club which helps fund our Christmas and wind up parties. Tickets are 1 for $1 or 3 for $2 or 15 for $5. Good luck ladies


While not a general member activity, every regular meeting is made more enjoyable through the work of our Hospitality Ladies. These ladies volunteer to arrive 45 minutes before the regular meeting to arrange coffee, tea and small welcoming goodies. Sign-up sheets are made available at the meetings for members to bring goodies to the next meeting.. The Hospitality Ladies will send an e-mail reminding those members who have made this offer.

Sunshine Gal

When a newcomer needs to know we are thinking of her, once notified, the Sunshine Gal will send a card. Examples are: get well wishes, bereavement, etc. Please let the President know of anyone you think should receive a card.

Ladies Lunch Lite

Members sign up each month to be put into a random draw of groups of four which then attend a lunch together during the following month. This group offers members a chance to get to know women that they have not previously known. As the groups are chosen randomly, they change every month.

Coffee and Chat

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month 2:00 PM -4:00 PM at Lily's Cafe in the Nanaimo North Town Centre. Please join the ladies for a tea or coffee and get to know more about our group and each other in an informal setting. Next coffee time: Dec 19th, 2018